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Dr. Barbara Ellermeier, historian, curates the resource library for authors who write biographies, historical novels or historical fiction

Hello, I am Dr. Barbara Ellermeier, historical advisor to authors and publishers.

We know that our research materials just don’t fall into our laps … and the best historial details usually aren’t listed in Wikipedia. But when our local librarian disappoints us, when the expert we’ve emailed doesn’t answer, and when browsing Pinterest leaves us more confused, we end up fearing we waste too much time on research. “Start writing” gets more and more postponed.

In my writing prompts, you’ll get handpicked historical information that many authors have used to furnish your book with in-depth historical details without having to spend ages finding them. Including:

* Why isn’t there a novel about …?  

Get an idea for a topic, which might me long-forgotten. Let’s uncover it and write a scene – or a novel.

* The best historical resources I know

In my weekly emails: Get authentic details that can be easily transformed into dialogues, conflicts and scenes. Uncover trustworthy historical information – for an easier writing process.


Do you want to have a trusted source for writers who want to turn ideas into scenes – for better historical novels?

Do you need ideas to get unstuck, ideas what to write about, and start writing much sooner?

Then let me challenge you.

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Start writing about a new time and topic in under an hour.