I see history everywhere. #100dayChallenge #5fantasticThings

Five fantastic things.

For authors who want to write about the past.


  1. Australian author Natasha Lester has a new book out! A historical novel set in Paris… Congratulations to you, dear Natasha, and may your beautiful story about “The Paris Seamstress” find many readers all around the globe.
  2. Invented a pseudonym. Will write a time travel novel. Yes indeed, history professors. Brace yourself, it will happen.
  3. Bought two new domains. For the new author name, of course.
  4. Am finishing my next non-fiction book about Nazi resister Sophie Scholl, who died in 1943. This included travelling to Munich. Visiting the court room, where Sophie and Hans Scholl and Christoph Probst were sentenced to death. They were only in their early twenties…  I remember reading Sophie’s letters for the first time, when I was 13 years old. it’s weird that I am now older than she was. We will always remember her as a young woman. Re-reading her letters and seeing her diaries in the archives, I deeply feel the loss. What would have happened to this talented writer, painter and compassionate woman, if she had survived? Standing in the court room moved me. Now back to writing this book.
  5. Historical Research: Swooning over the new, revamped image collection of The Wellcome Image Database. If you need any images of sicknesses, portraits of faces, or general pictures of humans, immerse yourself into these images, and be inspired to write a lot!
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