The Resource Library of Handpicked Historical Resources And Helpful Tools For A Better Writing Process


I love historical novels which make me feel like I’m being swept away into the past. 

And I believe that details make all the difference. Like an old, fast Peugeot. The blue tiles in a French kitchen. Or a splendid ball gown, only worn for a single night. All those details that conjure up a long-forgotten world.

Dr. Barbara Ellermeier, historian and historical advisor
Photo: C. David

My name is Dr. Barbara, and I’m a researcher & historical advisor for authors. 

I am committed to finding memorable details from the past, as I plough through history books, decipher the spidery handwriting in old letters, and interview experts & authors on how they conduct research. Read along as I investigate a new topic every week, and publish resources for writers. 

Because I want your quest for historical details to be the best part of writing your novel.