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First things first * Legendary literary agent Juliet Mushens is open to submissions 

Aah, this terrifying, glorious moment when you send off your manuscript to a literary agent…! 

Mums, you know this feeling. 

It’s like standing at the door of a kindergarden for the first time. Sending your little 2-year-old baby inside. Hiding the tears — while pretending to smile and pseudo-cheerfully waving goodbye.

Bestselling novelist Jessie Burton wrote about this crucial author moment in an honest article, which you should definitely read. Hear how she submitted her manuscript, and literary agent Juliet Mushens instantly fell in love with it. The debut novel then scooped a bidding war at London Bookfair 2013. It sold for six figures and became an international bestseller, being translated into 36 languages. By 2015, over a million copies of THE MINIATURIST had been sold.

Today, author Jessie Burton calls Juliet Mushens a “literary agent extraordinaire”.

Other authors I know, who are represented by this British Literary agent, say similar things. They are impressed about how Juliet works, how she approaches structural edits, how she chooses the right publishing house, in short — how she sells novels. (Browse the Twitter hashtag #teammushens to see for yourself.)

Juliet has agented the novels of bestselling authors Jessie Burton, who wrote THE MINIATURIST and THE MUSE, Claire Douglas, James Oswald, Anna Mazzola and Debbie Howells. She was nominated a Bookseller Rising Star in 2012 and was shortlisted for Literary Agent of the Year in 2014, 2015 and 2016. 

In January 2017, she has finally — yes!! — founded her own Literary Agency together with Robert Caskie. 

Juliet Mushens is actively seeking new authors. 

If you ever wanted to submit to this prolific literary agent, now is the time.

Do you write Historical Fiction? Or crime with a historical setting? Read how to submit: http://www.caskiemushens.com/submissions


Here, you’ll find a few opportunities for authors, updated roughly once a month. Every Tuesday, I regularly share 3 new opportunities with my mailing list. Want to receive them? 



After the Scandinavian buzz at London Bookfair in April 2017, you’re plotting your (historical) novel, set in Sweden, Finland, Norway or Denmark, right?

Be honest: You’re thinking about writing this “Scandi Noir” crime novel. (Aren’t we all right now?)

If you need funding to travel to Scandinavia, I’ve got you covered.

Find your travel grant by searching these multiple fundings for Scandinavian countries, such as Denmark, Estonia, Finland, the Faroer Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and Åland. They also offer residencies in all Nordic countries. Best to join their (English) mailing list for current opportunities.

Or stay in these writers’ houses in Sweden and Norway. Here’s another opportunity just for Sweden. And if you need assistance when planning your research trip abroad, work through my guide and workbook for authors.


Want to write abroad, but elsewhere in the world? 

Apply as a writer-in-residence. After spending 4 weeks in a blissfully quiet writers’ house in France, I highly recommend doing this. The opportunities are countless.

TransArtists is the biggest source of information on artist-in-residence opportunities worldwide, with around 1400 residency opportunities. They not only list the opportunities, but also include first-hand artists’ experiences, research, contacts and advice. Browse their extensive database of opportunities at www.transartists.org. Another great database for finding your residency is Res Artis. Their mission is “stimulating the creative development and mobility of artists, and furthering intercultural understanding.” Find their residency database at http://resartis.org/en

Best of luck if you decide to apply, 

Dr. Barbara

Opportunties for Writers
Photo: Lisa Boyd

“Thanks Dr Barbara! You pointed me to Jane Friedman. She held a publishing workshop Sunday afternoon about 3.5 hours away from me, and I took my daughter to it. My daughter desperately wants to be a fiction author and has actually completed a rough draft of her first book.

We got to meet Jane Friedman and speak after the workshop. She encouraged my daughter to try the traditional route before self-publishing. Who would’ve thought that it would take a woman in Germany to introduce me to a woman pretty close to me, which not only helped my daughter, but – as I develop sites for authors – also helped me with my own business ideas.”

Lisa Boyd
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