When waiting for coincidences is not enough [Research Trips 03]

Coincidences while writing your novel? Read this.

Yes, there will be coincidences when you travel on location.

Loads of them.

Like finding just the right book in Iceland 

Meeting just the right person in Scotland. 

Discovering the perfect protagonist at a rural estate in France. 

I have been gathering interviews with authors whose novels I love to read. These interviews will complement the workbook for authors that I am currently writing, called Travel to Research for Your Novel.

When reading those interviews, one thing became clearer and clearer. We have a proverb in Germany: “Das Glück trifft nur den Vorbereiteten,” or “Luck is when preparation meets opportunities.”

From my experience, this seems to be the case: those authors who put in a lot of effort into planning their trip *before* they even set a foot on location seemed to travel with more ease. But in addition to that, they also told the most miraculous stories about coincidences. It almost seemed like planning attracted those accidental encounters!  

What if you *knew* when you travelled to your setting, there would be interview partners waiting for you? Experts, museum and archive staff, who have prepared special, historical documents or items from your time period, just waiting for you to examine them?

What if those interview partners would recommend other potential interview partners?

What if you didn’t have to travel to your setting and hope for those coincidences to happen, but knew you could create those opportunities before you even left?

To create them, you must be prepared.

What challenges do you imagine when you think about planning a trip for yourself?

Stay tuned — in my next email, I will present a method for planning a trip that will address some of these challenges.

And, once you do, you’ll be one step closer to experiencing some of these coincidences for yourself,



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