[Historical Fiction Prompt] Why Isn’t There a Novel About a Ganerben-Burg Castle?

A castle divided between multiple families: Just like in BURG ELTZ in Western Germany. Each of those medieval families owned different parts of the castle. While they shared common areas, like the kitchen or the chapel, they behaved like kings and queens in their own quarters. Intending to show their wealth, the different owners of Eltz started building oriels – little roofs and bay windows – as many as possible! At least one more than their brother!!  

Wouldn’t that be the perfect setting for a novel? 


Imagine: 3 to 5 different families, trapped in a confined space, sharing the same rooms, each and every day. It’s time for internal hostilities and atrocities. Hostile brothers and their ambitious wives think of ways to outdo each other. One family starts reconstruction work, in order to provoke the other parties living in the castle. The stakes are high: If a family caves in, this means they lose their share of the castle and have to move out immediately. 

Conflict is inevitable. But if the castle is attacked, those hostile families had better reunite and collaborate in order to defend their castle! A very special setting that allows you to narrate a very special conflict.


Why isn’t there a novel about this conflict-ridden, complex, beautiful medieval place? 

Castle Eltz, a ganerben castle divided between multiple families near Koblenz, Germany [Shared Castle Ganerbenburg]
Castle Eltz, a ganerben castle divided between multiple families near Koblenz, Germany (Image: Peulle via Commons)


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Some more background information? There you go. 

* Ganerben: Read this English article describing the situation and the idea behind it. 

* See how the Castle Eltz is located.

* If you want to visit the castle, here is the address and the opening times: Burg Eltz, D-56294 Wierschem/Germany.  
Opening Times: Eltz Castle will be open daily from 20th March 2016 until 1st Nov. 2016 from 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM — check the website for any updates! E-mail: burg@eltz.de

* Read more on the official castle website: http://burg-eltz.de/en/

* If you speak German, there’s a special film about the renovation works on the roof of the castle, and how they close the castle for the winter break (14 min). If you don’t speak German, please watch it anyway: The aerial photography in the film is stunning. Watch it here.  

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