Authors call me their truffle hog.

I am Dr. Barbara, and I look at historical material with the eyes of a novelist. I help authors, who want to write about historical settings, to find the best resources. 

Photo: C. David

As a historian, I plough through loads of historical material. Then I curate the best pieces for you. 

With my resources, I want to make the book research process easier for everyone who writes biographies, history nonfiction and historical novels.

Every year, I read thousands of history books and original sources from the past. I also screen publishers’ catalogues and paid subscriptions of historical research journals.

For each and every old letter I find, for every object, every personal drama from the past, I ask myself: Could this become a book? Or a scene? Is this a story worth telling?

Every weekend, we travel to visit museums, medieval villages and archaeological sites. By talking to colleagues, such as museum experts, archivists and archaeologists, I get to peek behind-the-scenes. Often, I know about gripping historical finds long before anyone else does. 

And I then share my findings with my mailing list, every Tuesday.

Jane Friedman from about Dr. Barbara Ellermeier