For authors with tight deadlines and high standards, is the resource library that provides reliable background knowledge to build on, so that they can write incredible biographies or historical fiction. 

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Who is the brain behind this? 

My research as a historical advisor has, so far, been woven into 125 books, which have been published by Random House USA & Germany, Picador UK, DroemerKnaur, Penguin or Hachette Australia.

In 2016, three of those novels made it into the list of bestselling books. Ten were nominated for Best Historical Novel of the Year. 

Oh, and one of my clients was named the “German Ken Follett” because of the profound amount of research work behind his novels (very proud of that!). 

Of course, there’s a thousand options to gather research materials.

But the difference is that my materials come directly from – unpublished – original historical sources, archives, museums and my weekly field trips to historical sites. 

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